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B3 offers world-class Asian-themed entertainment options available for your special event.We can provide entertainment for a Chinese New Year celebration, a Dragon Boat Festival, the Spring Festival, Hungry Ghost Festival, or Moon Festival... we can provide the the talent you need to create great memories during traditional or modern celebrations. 

Lion Dancers and Dragon Dancers

Lion Dancers and Dragon Dancers
Dallas Lion Dancers DFW Dragon Dancers

Both Dragon and Lion Dancers in Dallas are among the most popular entertainment options we offer for traditional Chinese celebrations. People of ALL nationalities are mesmerized by the athletic coordination of TWO dancers in each large lion costume! The Lion Dancers are seen at many festivals in Dallas and are especially popular during the Lunar New Year (Chinese New Year) Tradition holds that they bring good fortune and prosperity! 

The Dragon Dancers are a spectacular site. Dallas Dragon Dancers can be seen navigating a very large, brilliantly-colored dragon costume with SEVERAL people underneath. These dancers use poles to create the quick sweeping movements of a dragon. 

Many people look forward to seeing these dancers at each festival or celebration. Call today to book your Lion Dancers in Dallas-Fort Worth!

Asian Musicians/Drummers in Dallas

Chinese Drum Performers

Traditional Chinese Drums are in high demand during the Chinese (Lunar) New Year in Dallas. They are traditionally booked in even numbers (6,8, etc) as they are considered to be auspicious. 

The traditional performances during Lunar New Year celebrations are a powerful, synchronized sound, ringing out for all the world to hear. 

These drummers are always a hit and draw large crowds wherever they perform!

Would you like to ring in the Chinese New Year in Dallas with some of the most talented drummers in the DFW Metroplex? Perhaps you would enjoy these traditional drummers to celebrate a special occasion! Give us a call at 972-429-7015 or email us for details at

Asian Music for Events in Dallas

Shan The Candy Man

Candy Sculptures for Events in Dallas-Fort Worth

Asian Candy Artist for Dallas Events

Shinobu “Shan” Ichiyanagi is a master Amezaiku or candy sculptor.


He is a seasoned party and event entertainer entertainer, and leaves people amazed at the detailed and beautiful sculpting he is able to do so quickly. When Shan the Candy Man is at your becomes an experience!


Amezaiku is a Japanese folk art that has it's origins in China and has been practiced for over 1,000 years.

What he does: Shan is a master of Amezaiku. He will come to your event and sculpt a hot candy that is similar to taffy. He transforms this brightly colored candy into whimsical animals and objects. If you have Shan at your event, you are guaranteed to have an engaged crowd that will be amazed at his artistic skills and the speed at which he can produce truly stunning works of...CANDY!

Candy Sculpting for Dallas Events

Origami for Dallas-Fort Worth Events

Origami is the art of paper folding. It sounds simple, right? Not so fast. When practicing the traditional paper folding craft, it is custom to avoid adhesives like glue and tape as well as resisting the urge to mark your paper. 

However you approach it, origami is a fun art to practice alone... but it's even more fun in a GROUP! 

When you bring an authentic Dallas origami artist to your event, you will have the fun of interacting with each other as well as with our artist as you make fun and challenging shapes out of beautifully designed paper. 

Call today to book a DFW origami artist for your traditional event, birthday, corporate meeting or wedding! We look forward to talking with you! 972-429-7015 or email us at

Origami for Dallas events

The word ORIGAMI is from:

ORI, which means: "FOLDING"

KAMI meaning “paper”

Origami Party Dallas

David Hira
Dallas Magician | Comedian | Keynote Speaker

Asian-American Comedian and Keynote Speaker for Dallas Events

David Hira is a nationally-known, sought after magician, keynote speaker and comedian. He simply embodies the best of what entertainment should be! He thoughtfully (and joyfully) approaches each event with his variety of skills, sense of humor and positive outlook to produce a GREAT experience. 


David does many things. He's a public speaker, a motivational/inspirational speaker, he has outstanding skills in comedy magic, and he is wonderfully funny and engaging when doing walk-around magic in a crowd.

The key to David's abilities lies in the core of his character. Whether he is wowing people with impressive magic or speaking to hundreds about recognizing and reaching for possibilities, David, at his core, has a positive uplifting character. 

When he is working his hilarious comedy magic, he is able to evoke both laughter and amazement from his audiences. He is truly considered one of the best in the United States.  At the same time, when David is speaking at an event or a conference, he is able to reach people at a "heart level" while entertaining them!

David leaves everyone inspired and happier than when they walked in. 

David's humor is not suggestive and he never uses ethic or political humor in anything he does. He truly is the quality performer that you are looking for when searching for a comedy magician, keynote speaker or MC for your big event. 

If you are interested in booking David, please feel free to call or email our event experts. You will be glad you did!

David Hira

Inspiring Entertainment

Chinese Calligraphy
Dallas Chinese Calligrapher

Dallas Chinese Calligraphy for events

Are you looking for a Chinese Calligrapher for your Dallas event? Luckily, we have an experienced, talented Chinese Callligrapher in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. 


When you add this Chinese calligraphy to your event, you will bring your guests an authentic, artistic, meaningful part of tradition. Call today to book our Chinese calligrapher for your North Dallas party. Your guests will thank you! Get the details you need about this entertainment at

Chinese Calligraphy for Dallas Parties
Calligraphy Art For Events
Asian Calligraphy for Dallas Events
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