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"Until one has loved an animal, a part of one's soul remains unawakened." ― Anatole France

Animals for parties in Dallas

Our trainers come from a long line of animal enthusiasts, zoo keepers and conservationists. With top priority given to the care and well-being of their animal crew, our trainers are able to share and educate while entertaining. Our animal crew is an interactive experience!


Our trainers can bring their Dallas exotic or DFW petting zoos to your location. Camels, kangaroos, monkeys, lemurs, bearcats, reptiles, ponies, unicorns, and even live reindeer! Take a look below and the perfect furry - or scaly critter to bring to your event!

Our Dallas-Fort Worth animals have been featured in print ads, commercials, You Tube series like "Dude Perfect", and on

television. Don't let that intimidate you, though! Our animal crew loves to entertain at a gathering while encouraging  understanding of these great creatures!

monkey rental Dallas

This monkey is just as adorable as he is entertaining! He will be the life of your party! 

Learn more here!


llama rental Dallas

Our DFW llamas are adorable and "petable"! Click here to learn about our Llamas!

exotic animal Dallas

This sweet little rain forest animal is available for your Dallas event!

Questions? Contact us here!

Camel Rental Dallas

Our Dallas camels have been hired  parties, photo shoots, film, and other events! They are handsome and ready to meet you and your guests! Click here to learn more!

Exotic animals for Dallas events


This rentable Dallas Coatimundi is cute , but also sweet! You will love interacting with this exotic, loving Dallas party animal! 

Questions? Contact us here!

burro bar in Dallas

Have you ever had a burro serve you drinks? Well, now you can! You can also choose a Llama for your server!

Click here for more information about hiring a Llama or Burro Bar for your Dallas event!

polecat rental for parties


Polecats are playful and related to the weasel. This Dallas Fort Worth polecat for hire is adorable and ready for fun!

Questions? Contact us here!

exotic animals for parties in Dallas


Raised by his owner/handler, this beautiful Dallas bearcat is loved by all who see him.

Questions? Contact us here! 

exotic animals Dallas


This Asian leopard cat in DFW is a species that is found in Southeast Asia. It is about the size of a domestic cat, but it is a wild animal. This beautiful exotic cat can be booked alone or as a part of an Exotic Petting Zoo.

Click here to check out our Exotic Petting Zoo!

otter experience Dallas

Otters are fun, adorable, and fascinating. This group of Dallas otters for events is accustomed to North Texas party life! They can be booked alone or as a part of an exotic petting zoo. You will love meeting these cute critters! Click here to learn more!

porcupine for Dallas events


We have a conventional porcupine as well as an albino porcupine to bring to educational, private, corporate or retail events! Our Dallas porcupines are cute, interesting, and actually cuddle with their owner/handler. You will love meeting these porcupines and learning about them!

Petting Zoo in Dallas.jpg

(Traditional or Easter Petting Zoo)

Our petting zoo will come to your location with animals that are well cared for, clean, and used to interaction. Your crowd will love getting to connect with these creatures. 

Click here to learn more about this Dallas Petting Zoo!

reptiles for events in Dallas


This beautiful frog can come to your event as a part of our "Creepy Crawler Zoo". 

Click here to learn more about the "Creepy Crawler Zoo"!

Albino Soft Shell Turtle for Rent.jpg


This unusual creature can come with other animals or as a part of our "Creepy Crawler Zoo"!


If you are looking to book the cutest Kangaroo in Dallas, we can help!

Click here to learn more!

monkey rental Dallas

This adorable Dallas monkey is available for your events. You will love meeting her!

Learn more about our spider monkey here!

snake rental Dallas

Exotic, beautiful Dallas snakes are hired for events, commercial shoots, film shoots, educational events, held by belly dancers...and more! Our snakes and snake handlers have worked just about every venue you can think of! These DFW snakes for hire come in all sizes and can be booked alone or with other snakes. You will be fascinated by these amazing scaled creatures!

Click here to learn more!

Elephant Rental Dallas

These amazing DFW Elephants will make your party an event to remember!

To learn more about Dallas Elephant rental, click here!

Live reindeer for hire in Dallas

These reindeer are a spectacular addition to holiday events in Dallas and Fort Worth.

 Click here to see more!

Lemur experience in Dallas


These Dallas lemurs are beautiful and fun to interact with! You will love experiencing a lemur up close!

Questions? Contact us here!

weasels for rent in Dallas


Weasels are a fun, playful animal for events. They are cute, curious and outgoing! Call today to book your DFW weasel!

Questions? Contact us here!

dwarf caiman.png


The size of the African dwarf crocodile allows us to bring this reptile to your event. Smaller than his American cousin, this croc is a great educational tool and a memorable entertainment choice for your DFW event!

Questions? Contact us here!

longhorns for photos in Dallas

With a rich past in Texas, these DFW Longhorns represent both the history of our state and the strength within. Bring a Dallas Longhorn to your next event!

Click here to learn more!

anteater for rent

TAMANDUA (Anteater)

Our tamandua ( or collared anteater) is a popular choice for gatherings and even more popular as a part of an exotic petting zoo. He is available for events as well as educational environments.

Click here to learn more about our Exotic Petting Zoo!

donkey rental Dallas

Our donkeys can come to your event alone, in a petting zoo with other animals or as a Burro Bar. Whatever your preference, our DFW Donkey rentals have been a part of events across the Metroplex. You and your guests will love interacting with them and petting them. 

Click here to learn more about the Burro Bar! 

exotic petting zoo Dallas

Our Dallas Fort Worth exotic petting zoo is an event option that will wow your guests. Our owner/handlers can bring these Dallas exotic animals to your location for your guests to enjoy!

Click here to learn more about our Exotic Petting Zoo!

pony parties in Dallas


Ponies are always a hit at children's parties. When you request one of these Dallas pony rentals, you can choose from a "ponycorn", a regular pony, or a Christmas pony! Your guests will love seeing and experiencing these beautiful ponies!

Click here to see our Pony Page!



This stunning arachnid (seen here under UV light) can come with other animals or as a part of our "Creepy Crawler Zoo"!

sloth experience Dallas

Sloths. They are unique, cute, and immensely popular. In recent months, we have created events called "Sip and Sloths" for coffee shops, wineries and other locations that have outdoor spaces. People just love these sloths! Click here to learn more!

pony Unicorn Dallas.png

You will love the look on your child's face when they see a "real" unicorn! Check out more on our Pony Page!


This armadillo is adorable! Small and docile, this little guy will make your guests feel like they are in the heart of Texas!

Questions? Contact us here!

Mini cow in Dallas


Whether you would like a mini cow as part of a petting zoo or a 'Grihapravesh' obsevance in Dallas, this beautiful mini cow is a great addition to your event!

Questions? Contact us here!

longhorn rental in Dallas

Texas is the home of the longhorn. Your guests will love taking photos with this majestic creatures. During the Christmas season, these "reinsteer" are a hit at holiday parties!

Click here to learn more about our Longhorns!

bermese badger in Dallas


This adorable little fella is a favorite at events!

Questions? Contact us here!

woodchuck rental in Dallas


Our woodchuck is a fun addition to any party or educational program in North Texas. Children love meeting this little guy!

Questions? Contact us here!

alpaca rental Dallas

These Dallas area alpacas are adorable and great as part of a petting zoo or alone. You and your guests will love interacting with them!

Want more info about our alpacas and llamas? Cllick here!

reptiles for Dallas events


This beautiful reptile is native to Saudi Arabia but is happy to educate and represent the veiled chameleon in Dallas Fort Worth!

This reptile can be booked alone or with other reptiles and crawling things in our "Creepy Crawley Show". 

Click here to learn more about the "Creepy Crawler Zoo!"

tortoise in Dallas


Our Dallas tortoise is a hit with animal lovers of all ages. He can be available alone or with some of our other Dallas animals for hire. Whether you have a classroom of children or a private event, this tortoise is loved by all who meet him!

reptiles and arachnids for education in Dallas


Our creepy crawler zoo has everything from arachnids to reptiles. This experience is educational and fun! Click here for more information!

bunny rental Dallas


Our bunnies are ready to meet you and your guests! These DFW bunnies are great for spring, Easter, interaction and can come to you alone or as part of our Petting Zoo. You and your guests will love petting these little bundles of fuzz!

Click here to learn more about our Petting Zoo!

arachnids and reptiles for education


Our tarantula is available as part of our "Creepy Crawler" Zoo. Your guests will be able to observe this magnificent arachnid while they learn more about how this creature lives.

Click here to learn more about our "Creepy Crawler Zoo"!

Dwarf Caiman Crocodile
Asian Leopard Cat
Tamandua, tortoise, porcupine
Spider Monkey
Bermese Badger
Veiled Chameleon
Tree Frog
Mini Cow
Albino Soft Shell Turtle

Live Animals for Events in DFW Including:

Our Dallas party animals are available for events in Dallas, Fort Worth, Frisco, Wylie, Richardson, Sachse, McKinney, Southlake, Trophy Club, Murphy, Prosper, Little Elm, Anna, Decatur, Westlake, Addison, and more areas throughout DFW! Call us for more information!

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