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More interesting than fuzzy bunnies.

The Creepy Crawler Experience


Scorpion for educational events

Reptiles, Arachnids and Amphibians, Oh My!

This "petting zoo" has reptiles and arachnids to entertain and educate! If you like scaly or crawling things, then this zoo is for you! Some of these creatures you can "pet" or encounter up close, but some...prefer that you look rather than touch! :)

This is a wonderful DFW animal experience for groups that are ready to learn about some of the most fascinating and misunderstood creatures on the planet!

Call or email us to book your Creepy Crawler Experience today!

  • Library Programs

  • School Programs

  • Birthdays

  • City Events

  • HOA Events

  • Corporate Events

  • Fairs and Festivals

  • and more!

Reptiles for Dallas events

Our animal ambassadors will come to your location and capture the imaginations of your guests as they learn about these amazing creatures. They will learn about their native environments, their care, their diets, and so much more! This program is perfect for: 

Dallas Area

Educational Animal Experience!

Call to book your CREEPY CRAWLER EXPERIENCE today!

Bearded Dragon.jpg

You and your guest will love meeting and learning about this beautiful reptile!


Scorpions are fascinating creatures and are arachnids. This DFW scorpion is actually native to the rainforest and its exoskeleton is responsive to black light! 

Tarantula for Dallas events and education

Your guests will be able to observe this magnificent arachnid while they learn more about how this creature lives.


He doesn't have a fake Australian accent, but THIS gecko is beautiful and available for your Dallas animal event!

Tegu for reptile parties in Dallas

Native to Central and South America, this lizard is fascinating! You will love meeting this reptile!

Mini crocodile for events

The size of the Dwarf Caiman Crocodile allows us to bring this reptile to your event. Smaller than his American cousin, this croc is a great educational tool and a memorable entertainment choice for yo DFW event!


Our Dallas tortoise is a hit with animal lovers of all ages. He can be available alone or with some of our other Dallas animals for hire. Whether you have a classroom of children or a private event, this tortoise is loved by all who meet him!

Albino Soft Shell Turtle for Rent.jpg

This unusual creature is fascinating to watch and learn about! He is a rarity, and a hit at every Creepy Crawler event!

Blue Tongue Skink.jpg

Skinks are amazing lizards! If you compare a skink to other lizards, you will notice shorter legs and necks. Schedule your visit with this environmentally beneficial lizard!


Uromastyx lizards are typically from Africa or the Middle East and have a beautiful spiny tail. Your crowd will love meeting this interesting lizard!

Chameleon for Dallas events

This beautiful reptile is native to Saudi Arabia but is happy to educate and represent the veiled chameleon in Dallas Fort Worth!

Photo coming soon.png

This beautiful frog is faster at catching and eating his prey than his videogame namesake! You will love meeting this tiny but powerful amphibian!


Also known as the "whip scorpion", the vinegaroon is an arachnid that will amaze your whole group! Your crowd will love learning about its habits, habitat and food preferences. Can you imagine how it catches its prey?

Tree Frog .png

This iconic frog is on practically every rainforest poster you will ever see...but what do you really know about him? Book a Creepy Crawler Experience and meet one up close!

The Creepy Crawler Crew


Looking for something fuzzier? 

Dallas Lemur
Dallas party ponies


Our Creepy Crawler Zoo can travel to events in Dallas, Fort Worth, Frisco, Wylie, Richardson, Sachse, McKinney, Southlake, Trophy Club, Murphy, Prosper, Little Elm, Anna, Decatur, Westlake, Addison, and more areas throughout DFW! Call us for more information!

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