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ENTERTAINMENT Fashion for Pirates |Dallas, TX

You might wonder what a COUCH has to do with pirates on stilts...I mean... Well, our pirate stilt walker (Tall Paul) was approached by a patron at the Gaylord Texan's Pirates and Princesses extravaganza. She said, "Hey, your pirate jacket looks just like my grandparent's couch! Not only that, but to back up her fashion claim...she sent a picture!

Our stilt walker is a good-looking pirate. We take great care with our costuming and his beautiful jacket was a choice find. However - we have been laughing about this ALL WEEK in the B3 office! Hilarious!

Pirate-themed events are just one of the themes we can provide entertainment for. Check out our themed and holiday entertainment here! Or call one of our event experts (972-429-7015) for more information. We truly look forward to connecting with you!

**You can see our pirates and princess through September 6th at the Gaylord Texan!

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